Posted 9M ago by @wildpurplechild

Was seconds away from rescuing this alocasia and furry little calathea from the grocery store 🥺 I’m a sucker for a grocery store rehab plant but I told myself no more until spring 😩

#rehabplants #grocerystorerescue #AlocasiaAddicts #elephantearalocasia #CalatheaCrew #FurryFeatherCalathea #alrightspringwhereyouat #wildpurplechild
Completely understand. I’m loving a good rehab…I tell myself if it’s still there when I return I’m rescuing. 😂
@PlantyGoddess hahah exactly!
🤣🤣 I feel you. I have bought plants because they desperately needed water and it made me sad to think they would die.... needless to say I have over 85 houseplants...don't get me started on the outside🏡

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