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Putting my babies on display. They’re new to the oasis. I...

Putting my babies on display. They’re new to the oasis. I wanted a section of shade lovers because they are my absolute favorites next to Anthurium. There may be one or two in here that are summer growers but for the most part, it’s the winter growers I adore.
Happy Growing, #GregGang !

If you want to see my setup in progress, visit this link for a 3 minute read. I’m migrating to my site more as days go by since it’s easier to bookmark. My plant corner is in the comments.
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My #plantcorner in progress. Only shade lovers allowed. 🤣
@AnthuriumQueen Great blog on your succulents. I recently added a couple of succulents for inside the house- party favors from parties/showers 🎊. We have lots outside and typically I have to rip some out like weeds otherwise they take over the gardens🤪. I love the subtle colors and the fact as you stated I don’t have to helicopter 🚁 them!!!
@MariansOasis Thanks! Succulents can be invasive. I try not to plant them in the gardens because of this. The rally should be contained. Sad but true!
Your plants are aweso@e
@AnthuriumQueen Such beauties!!! Ok, who are Meryl & my favorite Adora ? thanks!
@PoniesAndPlants here they are:
@KDkat3 thanks!
They are beautiful! 😻
Beautiful! Love your outdoor plant corner with space for hanging plants too! 😊💚
@AnthuriumQueen thanks love!!! So gorgeous! I so would love to hear more about AWICCA! I had a cousin who was more than a sister to me than the one I was born with. But soooo in harmony with nature, I do love Jesus but I don’t think that is remotely exclusive to other areas to bring life forth as well as support it!!!
@PoniesAndPlants I love Jesus as well. I’ve come to understand we have a connection with nature itself and some of us have gifts we are meant to use to support it and use it as remedies. That’s as far as I go. I don’t practice anything other than healing the plot of land I own as well as my clientele’s when they ask me to via what I do every through design. I moved into landscape and garden design very quickly because of my love for the earth itself. If I remove one tree, I must replace it with three others of the same kind to make up for what I have taken. I am a constant gardener because I focus on soil health, our evaporation canopy which is pretty much non-existent despite living in the wooded countryside. I just discussed planting more oak trees in my yard with my husband today. I told him maybe three should be planted because we need the shade and our soil could use the nutrients in the leaves. Recycling that energy is important to me. Organic nutrients are important to me. Seeing a balanced and thriving ecosystem in my property as well as my client’s is important to me. I spend alot of time educating them on making sure their soil remains healthy rather than dead. I’ve gone as far as removed all soil from one property and brought in all new soil (8 inches thick) to give the lot a fresh start. And it is thriving. I’ve been doing the same with my own property. I have hauled in and spread over 400 cubic yards of fresh, nutrient rich soil to revive my property. Neighbors think I’m crazy and that’s ok! My property gets all the wildlife, the butterflies, the dragonflies, the bees, the pretty birds. Again, that’s as far as I go. My client is the one that asks for certain plants because she uses them for ointments that truly heal your skin. She’s into water and how acidic it is. I’m the earth, she’s the water. Haven’t found the other three pillars yet but I’m not looking.