Posted 5M ago by @melodey

To plant shop today....or not to plant shop....that is the question.

*Ponders deeply*
#sisterhoodofthetravelingplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantshopping #plantaddict
On Tuesdays we buy Green! πŸ˜‚
My equation is how many do i have + is it rare enough= yes, always shopping never find anything new. Happy hunting. 😊
@LatiTish84 I don't know you but I love you hahahahahaha I need a make a shirt that says this now 🀣🀣🀣🀣
May as well just "stop by" to see what they have...🀭
πŸ’šI love you too. If you make the shirt, on the back you have to put " Everyday is Tuesday" 🀭 @melodey
I live in a small town so I have to check the local grocery store to see if they’ve restocked after I took all the good ones lol
@GreenPrincess make sure you check your local Ace Hardware if you have one! I'm always traveling through small towns (currently in one now)

Also... If you haven't already check out

And tag @jcPlantProper if you buy something! πŸ₯°
@LatiTish84 I’d buy that t-shirt! πŸ˜‚
Always YES πŸ˜†
@melodey πŸ₯°
Do you guys think I can get my husband obsessed with plants?

I had shown him a picture of some pepper plants at a local nursery (he loves peppers and hot sauce)

Girl it’s the most mondayest Tuesday ever go shopping πŸ› 🀣
@melodey that’s how it starts…all he needs is ONE β€œcool one” to him lol
@melodey I got my boyfriend a second plant and he’s getting really into them!!!
It’s Tuesday! No better excuse than that 😭.
You’re asking the wrong crowd if you’re expect us to say β€œno plant shop” but the right one of you want us to egg you on for more plants!

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