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so another week and we have another slate of chances to #MeetRJG.

PLEASE for the time being if you've already attended one let other #Greggers take slots.

NOTE: Please only take one meeting slot. All three meetings will happen and if you select more than one meeting we'll all know you didn't read my post when I ask you to fix it and that'll be awkward for you 🫣😬😜

#GregInYourCity #GregGang
@tango @Vinxy2 πŸ‘€
Yay thank you sm!! Lemme go check my calendar and see when I’m available. 😊
Got a slot @RJG !!!! I am off Friday and hubby works!!! Woo hoo!!!! Now the time is already converted to eastern....or I have to do that??
Just booked!!
@PlantEsteem when I send you the actual Google meet it will change to your timezone but the Friday meeting is at 2 eastern.
@Breathepeace yay! Cant wait to get a new user's impressions!
This is just for greggers in texas?
Yay!!!!! I'm excited @RJG .....what do I wear?! What plants do I show off?! So many things to do!!!!🀣🀣
@Vjunc no! We've gone nationwide!
@Vjunc I wanna meet everyone
I signed up I think??? What time zone are the slots listed in???
@emmybee I told them I was in central time. I'll send a Google invite tomorrow which will have the real time!
@RJG come to East Tennessee like around Knoxville. Please
@RJG oh okay Drew let me know when you come to Detroit!
Would love to meet, sadly I'm stuck, no car 😭
@Sassylimey @Vjunc @KikiGoldblatt these are virtual meets! So if you wanna join lmk!
@tango did you sign up for one πŸ‘€
I think I signed up ok πŸ‘€ @RJG
I sent you a meeting invite @Sassylimey !
@RJG I did not! πŸ˜… sadly my schedule doesn’t work with any of the times for this week. Maybe next time!! Lmk how it goes. 😊 What do you do there?
@tango meet everyone, ask how they found Greg, plant show and tell, just hang out and try and make friends!
@RJG oh awesome!! I’ll come to the first one I can make! πŸ’•
@RJG oh ok that's so smart! Yes I'll take a look at the link!
@Breathepeace I sent you an email on Tuesday morning! That's why I haven't scheduled the meeting yet for you! Let me know if you got it.