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#seedlingraceseries update!

It's been a week since my last update, a little over two weeks since they were planted. Fleet is now TWO leaves and almost 3cm ahead of Fleta!

I inspected Fleta today and there is definitely something growing out of the seed and attached to the moss so 🀷🏽
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You have sphagnum and what’s the other growing medium? Mine in sphagnum is large! But the one in rock wool has 2 leaves
@Kaleyeeaah just potting soil!
Both mine still only has one leaf. πŸ₯² I moved them closer to the grow light. See if that'll help.

I'll post an update soon!
So excited that you got a 2nd leaf!

I saw someone post on IG that they have a Variegated one!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!!
@melodey omggg, maybe we all do? They are from the same plant, so 🀷🏽

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