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This one goes out to all my fellow #GregGang that are #PlantingOnABudget . When grocery shopping just keep in mind of fruits and veggies that can be planted. I got a couple of plums, peaches and nectarines, mangos, avocados, even pineapple. I got my mango pitts drying out. I’ll keep y’all posted πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’š #FrugalPlantParent #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #HappyPlants
I put the white ends of my green onions in water and they re-grow more green tops. I’ve even planted them in soil and they just keep going. But, I haven’t tried much else. Lol
@Jana85 okey cool, didn’t know that one πŸ‘πŸΌ
Let us know how it goes!!!
That's how I got my cream guava seeds πŸ₯°
I’ve got a couple of lemon seeds sprouting now and I’m trying to grow some dragon fruit seeds as well!
Yes! This is how I started my big peach tree! 😊🌱
@RedDragonZ34 it’s becoming a hit and miss with the dragon fruit for me but they are doing okey?… πŸ₯Έ idk I literally gave up on them and just recently seen the tiny spines πŸ˜…
@melodey nice, gotta get some of those babies I love eating guava πŸ‘πŸΌ
@kscape I got some white peach seeds that I have to germinate 😁 the only thing is… because it’s summer is it even the best time to germinate seeds at this point or would it be better to germinate seeds during Spring? That’s the one thing that is getting to me… when is the best time to germinate seeds? Or does it even matter? Am I just overthinking it? 🀑🀣
@AguaViviente we planted ours…if I remember late winter! πŸ€”
Celery bottoms are another one
@AguaViviente apparently guava is pretty easy to grow. It's just going to take like 3-4 years lol πŸ˜…
@kscape do you have to take it out of the hard casing? Or just plant and give humidity?
@tango mhm. After eating the mango πŸ₯­ lol I let it dry out for a day or two. Sometimes the mango pit is already opening and it is much easier to take out the seed. Then you just want to peel the skin off the seed and either pot in soil or germinate it in a baggy, which is what I like to do. I’ve seen videos of people just popping the seed in straight soil and that’s fine too.
@AguaViviente Ok! I tried it in a bag once and it was a… moldy experiment. πŸ˜… so soil will definitely be my next choice! 😊
@tango I believe it all depends on the seed, my husband tried to germinate 4 mango seeds and only 1 turned moldy. I’m guessing that it varies
@AguaViviente Ah cool! I was just unlucky. 🀣 I will definitely try again with my next mango!

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