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πŸ˜‚ I felt this this morning! Was nearly late for work watering my plants, 26 this morning and I left one undone. The guilt is eating me haha
@HoyaAddict omg yes that plamt guilt is something fierce. Each one has to have a little attention or I feel like the world's worst human ever in the history of ever
@KrunchyWrap That’s why I only have 3 plants upstairs. I think they’ll be lonely πŸ˜‚
@hoyaaddict I had all mine by the front door so I could get to them quickly and obsessively look at them and groom them.. I had to move then away from the door bc I get really obsessive over things sometimes and it will literally be all I do or think about so I have to make it harder to obsess over so I can do other stuff . Lol my brain is a little wonky sometimes
@KrunchyWrap When I had about 40 I checked every plant daily. Spoke to it, inspect for bugs, love it. Now… they get less attention than before πŸ˜“ but I do give every plant a thorough check and love every time they get watered. Some favourites are doted on too much…but I do just stare at them all a lot more. Sadly I’m not giving my outdoor plants much attention at all. It’s so cold outside, Sometimes I don’t even want to go out to water them πŸ˜“ i feel like such a bad plant mum.
If feel it in my soul!! 🀣🀣
@sarahsalith I’m actually scared I’m going to have as many as you one day. It excites and TERRIFIES me.
@HoyaAddict my goal is to reach @sarahsalith. Hubby showed me his present tobme for my birthday (November so far away) and it's this huge green house. He said that we can basically split it and he'll use his half for storage, little does he know that is not happening...I'm making a jungle labyrinth and In the center will be the only open(ish) area and it will have my snacks and my art stuff so I can chill and paint in my little slice of paradise and not worry about anyone coming to bother me because they won't know/where to enter my new labyrinth
@KrunchyWrap love it! That’ll be amazing 😻 I think I will ramp up my collecting when I’ve retired and have more time πŸ˜…
@HoyaAddict spend your retirement on plants and such so you can create a labyrinth/mystery maze so every day hubby has to find you in a new spot
Lol that'll keep it excited. That would be a dream come true for me and we have SOOOOOO much land we share with family and theh literally do nothing with it at all.. the possibilities are endless.. uugghhj but I'm broke and they suck so keep dreaming
@HoyaAddict I did finally nut up and pull 2 pieces off of baeil to propagate.. I cried a little not going to lie. I hope it's successful
@KrunchyWrap I hope you’re successful too.
@HoyaAddict me too πŸ˜•
Omg yesss🀣
I say that for my 2 peace lilies Pablo and Margaret
@KrunchyWrap I am SO excited to hear that you’re going to get a greenhouse! I can’t wait to see it. I’ve always wanted one but my husband doesn’t have the time to put one up for me. 😩
@TJphilobsessed i know that there is a mini on online for Walmart for 25 bucks that's could hold up a decent amount of plants and Amazon has a bunch of the mini ones too. I was going to make one but I'd use soooooo much of the large roll of clear plastic wrap and that stuff is super expensive
@KrunchyWrap thanks for letting me know! I’m going online right now. My birthday is coming up in July …..😏😈
@sarahsalith absolutely! How at the end of March I go from 5 to now 50 πŸ˜‚
@KrunchyWrap the hubs has been built me a greenhouse. A few more shelves and a tad of wood protecting stuff and it will be done. I said plastic wrap but he found those polycarbonate plastic and they weren't that expensive. He had extra wood from another project but still had to buy a couple more. Wood keeps dropping in price so it's cheaper now then even the beginning of the year. He now says he probably must start an addition πŸ«’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@ShannonMHR I had NO live plants in February! I had taken a plant hiatus after my last batch died a couple years ago but I just couldn’t stand it anymore. And after I joined Greg I felt more confident of my ability to keep these new ones alive.
@ShannonMHR I love your greenhouse!
@ShannonMHR oh my gosh!! He's a keeper!!
@TJphilobsessed exactly it wasn't until #greggang this app and the people there is no way I would have 50 plants. Hell propagation I only heard about and to do it now πŸ’š one more thing to see people talk about plants helping with their mental health was also heartwarming and unexpected. I take meds for anxiety so I felt an instant connection πŸ’š
@ShannonMHR me too. I’ve been on a low dose of antidepressant med for years, not because I’m depressed anymore but because my brain has some kind of chemical imbalance with my β€œpanic control center”. My plants, my husband and my pets help keep me centered. And it’s so nice to be able to meet other people that can identify with some of my struggles. Like I aways say…Greggers are my plant family. πŸ’š
@TJphilobsessed absolutely πŸ’šβ€οΈ
@ShannonMHR I am freaking drooing over your greenhouse!!! Ugh it's gorgeous😍 my husband offered to build me one, and I know his skills, it would be tremendous but he works sooooo much and already doesn't get a lot of time with us so I'd rather fork out the cheese and get one than have him work on something else instead of be with us or doing something else he enjoys