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Hi everyone! Me again πŸ˜… I recently also added this rubber...

Hi everyone! Me again πŸ˜… I recently also added this rubber tree to my collection and as I went to water it for the first time since buying a couple days ago, I noticed that the whole thing could just come out in one piece as the roots are quite prominent in the pot. Is this the right time to re pot, or just re soil? Thank you!! #NewPlantMom #RubberPlant #Ficus
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Hi there! By the looks of it: absolutely! That’s an awfully small pot for a rubber tree. I’m sure she’ll grow much stronger and more prominent in a larger home, too! More nutrients and water will be available! And this is the right season to do it! I recommend a terracotta pot so it breathes and dries out the soil well. Maybe go for 10”? Happy repotting!
Anytime you purchase a plant, expect the worst. It probably wasn’t taken care of by the staff for its specific needs. With every new purchase, you should repot just because you don’t know the circumstances. Simply add a bit of new soil to a new pot on the bottom,οΏΌ if you’re not comfortable of breaking it up safely. Just place the current soil formation In the new pot and then add new soil around the old formation πŸ₯°
But yes that pot is way too small
Can’t wait to see the glow up!
Congrats! And that’s fully matured and taken over that pot. She’s a beautiful plant for sure.