Posted 7M ago by @RJG

About to meet with @AwesomePlants, @SirLiquorice, @Ehlane, @Blau_Ozean, and @LeighannM!!! Can't wait to discuss with them how to grow our community on and off of Greg! #MeetRJG #GregInYourCity #GregGang

🫣 hope they have plants for show and tell!
Oh that sounds like fun!! Hope you all have a great time! πŸ€— Maybe we should create some sort of directory to find other Greggers in our neighborhood? {Then again maybe that already exists and I’m oblivious… 😬😁}
@BeesZenGarden this was an online meet hoping to slowly connect Greg users!
@RJG Oooh, real life meets would be fun too… πŸ˜„
Awesome meeting everyone! I πŸ’š Greg!
That would be wonderful to be able to meet up personally with fellow Greggers
@BeesZenGarden we're gonna get there! #NorthTexasGregGang already has twice!
Is there gonna be a tech team Tuesday post?
@RJG can’t wait!
Our meeting was fantastic. I can't wait for tomorrow's!
Nice, jealous over here.
Can’t wait for the next sign up!! Couldn’t make any of the ones posted this week.
@KikiGoldblatt I know you'll make one eventually!
That is awesome!! Where/when can I sign up πŸ’š
@ShannonMHR I'll have more slots next week!
Have the best time!
Show and TELL! That’s fun. I don’t have too many but ima show off my golden crocodile
I was hoping my internet connection would be better at palms Buddha since it was so close
@RJG you need to check out palm Buddha nursery one day
@RJG sounds good πŸ’š
@SirLiquorice absolutely!!! The video was pretty good! Lotsa cool stuff!
Hey... @RJG ..... were the times central .....that's your time zone right?
Ok....that's 3 hours behind eastern.....this CHANGES everything!!! a will see me soon!!🀣🀣🀣