Posted 7M ago by @EzBreather

Christmas blooms throwback, we’ve shed all this and started a new branch into 2022 already ♥️ #NewGrowth #OrchidLovers #FloweringPlants
7ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
@EzBreather I’ve had zero luck with orchids. This last orchid I bought if it doesn’t survive I’m done with them, I think. What’s your secret? How often do you water yours? I think they are beautiful tho. How far away from indirect sunlight is yours?
@EzBreather btw yours is stunning. 🥰🤩❤️
Beautiful blooms!
@KikisOasis she’s tucked out of direct sunlight on the bathroom counter mostly! And at most I’ll water twice every couple of weeks just when she’s looking a little dark, I find when I have bright green stalks they push better/more blooms 😊

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