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#gregfeedback I was trying to track some of my outdoor succs and the pictures are not going to the right plant. I deleted wrong pics and tried again but now....I think I made a mess....please help cause I don't want to make it worse. πŸ˜… #androidsquad
What exactly is going on here? So @PalmHanks and I can figure it out!
So I am trying to update pics of the "rock wall gang" it's in all their names..if you can see my oasis like that. So....when I tap track then take a pic it wasn't seeming to load. When I looked at the gallery it would be the wrong pic for the plant I was tracking.....anyway after trying to fix the spiderweb hens and chick's photo....I wound up with 4 of the other rock gangs pics in her profile... that's pic 2. Pic 1 is my oasis currently as you can see there are duplicates and I don't know if they match the actual plant.
Sorry for being wordy....I hope you understand all that.....🀣🀣
If you close out the app fully and reopen it is the error still there?
Ooo....doing that now....brb
Closed the app....and restarted the phone. I updated this morning that UTD as well.... my rock gang part of oasis looks the same. 😒 do you want me to try and update someone else?
Someone...would be a plant in my oasis....they are someones to me @RJG 🀣🀣
@rjg I did....but installed that this am. It does not say I have an update currently.
So Oasis has duplicate pictures still? Or rock Gang just has pictures that aren't it's?
Yes sorry you told me about the update. I thought you updated your phone. πŸ₯Έ Then read again and figured it out.
Both....but just in rock gang cause that's when I saw the issue and stopped taking pics. Also....I just tried to put a pic in a comment and it didn't happen....the comment or pic. Don't know if that is a related thing....
@PlantEsteem that's weird. Idk exactly what's going on. Keep letting us know when you see irregularities like this. πŸ’ͺ🏼
Will do! Thanks @RJG πŸ₯°
@RJG ....I you think it could be my naming system? Like I confused the app when I too pictures of them in a row....🀫🀫🀫 wanted to get that thought down before I forgot it.

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