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This little one is about to be fully covered in flowers in a couple weeks or so. There’s tiny flower buds forming all over if you look closely. They will still take time to get big enough to flower. But it will probably be around the same timeframe when they do. When this one was shipped to me it had at least two flowers but then winter came so it hasn’t flowered again until today. It’s also about 3 times larger than it was. Also for anyone living in a colder location this one survived 15-18 degrees Fahrenheit for awhile and it stayed 25 degrees or colder for a couple days or so. So it can definitely survive a hard freeze outside if the soil is dry. Some of my cacti and succulents died since the frost blankets weren’t enough protection but this little cactus was unaffected and didn’t even get any damage at all. The strong winds and frost blanket made a bald spot but the spines grew back also. It can survive the hot Texas summer just fine but can also survive unusually cold weather. It normally doesn’t get down to 15 degrees here. Definitely one of the toughest plants I own for sure. Doesn’t need water often at all. Stores a lot in its reserves and doesn’t need shade protection from the hot Texas sun or protection from cold either unless maybe super cold. I want to buy more of these. For me and to give as gifts. Perfect low maintenance cactus to give as a gift especially since it flowers 🌸 so much. #CactusClique #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Cactus #Succulents #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #flowerpower
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The cactus and the pot complement eachother so beautifully! In style and color. 🌷

How long did it take to triple in size? Am I misunderstanding that it was a baby just before winter?

How long before it grows out of it's current pot? 🤔
What is it?
@RJG look how much smaller it was
@SirLiquorice the flowers are amazing
@RJG they can get so many flowers at once that you can’t even see the cactus. You just see 🌸. They are also inexpensive. It was $7
@SirLiquorice oh nice
It’s going to look so neat covered in flowers 💚
@CorvidFan this was may 19th last year when I potted it after it arrived in the mail. I did not expect it to grow so fast. It’s already about to get so big it may end up being difficult to remove from the pot without breaking it. I love that pot. It was at an H‑E‑B grocery store. Since it already had a drain hole and saucer I had to buy it. Couldn’t pass that pot up. But now I already have to see what pot to put it in next.