Posted 3M ago by @WickedValkyrie

Y'all!!! Y'know how you usually have to wait several weeks sometimes even a month or more to see any kinda growth from succ leaves?? Most of the ones in my quarantine #propbox are already growing after ONE WEEK!! 😲 And thank goodness too cuz the mother plant is in rapid decline! #happyplants #newgrowth #plantaddict #succulentsquad #succulentlove #verahiggins #socalgreg #socalsucculents
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Look at those babies go!!!
@ShinyBudew I'm so proud of them! πŸ₯Ή I just hope I can manage to keep them alive! Lol The scale have spread more than I thought and are on almost all of my plants now... 😭😭😭😭
@WickedValkyrie oh no!!! I hope you can keep them alive too!
Nice!!! 🀩🀩
Thank you @ShinyBudew πŸ™

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