Posted 5h ago by @iWhilby2021

My new addition. I just got her. She puts a smile on my face. Please meet Audreè
@iWhilby2021 love the color! A bit jealous 😅
@LaNa-Rocks thank you 😊
She’s gorgeous!
Oh she’s so tall 😍 love triostars, my favorite!
She’s perfect 🤩
@iWhilby2021 it’s lovely 🥰 the color is stunning.
Audreè is gorgeous!
omg gorgeous!
@Honeyharbin thank you!
@Honeyharbin yes she is 🥰
@KristyGoldblatt yes!! 🥰
@Greg thank you! 🥰
@elizapearl she is!!! 😍

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