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Got a #goldenpothos from a friend and decided to hang it on the front porch. Then it motivated me to move one of my #hoya Krimson Princess out there too. They'll get maybe 1-3 hours of late afternoon sun this time of year. I'm right on the edge of zone 8a/8b in North #texas . Think they'll be OK b if I can remember to water them? πŸ˜† #greggang #greggers #northtexasgreggang #greginyourcity #gregmagic #easttexasgreggang #plants #houseplants #theplantdadlife #heyyall #plantparenthood #plantparent #plantmom #plantdad #plantcommunity #payitforward #giveback #happyplants #bebetter #spreadlove #keepgrowing #community
They look great!!
@ThePlantDadLife they look amazing. I have a Hoya Carnosa that’s in your second pic but it’s not as big as it was because I sent some rooted cuttings to a friend.
I have a serious phobia of putting any of my hoya kids outside for fear of bugs. I feel that once it's time to bring the hoya inside, any bugs would spread to my other hoyas and wipe them all out. I wish I could be brave like you lol. I know my hoyas would love to be outside.
@ShinyGinseng the struggle of putting ANY plants outside. I’ve brought all of mine in 😭😭
@fabiana. I have "outside" plants and "inside" plants because of this lol.
The golden pothos would grow in a closet, quite frankly. There's a reason it's called devil's ivy πŸ˜‚

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