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#WhatTheSuccWednesday 💚 Hey guys, haven’t been here recen...

#WhatTheSuccWednesday 💚
Hey guys, haven’t been here recently, I’ve definitely been reconnecting with nature and spending time outside during my break! I’m going through some tough personal things and having to make some big decisions that can really impact the rest of my life. I’m trying my best to get through it, but sometimes that causes me to be distant or avoidant of things I like… like posting on Greg! So I’m gonna be posting a couple plant updates back to back, cause I’ve got some pretty cool things I wanna share that I haven’t had the chance to show off the past two weeks! Hope everyone is & their plants are doing great!

Sedeveria ‘silver frost’ - I’ve had a couple different IDs for this girl… still not 100% about her current ID lol. But anyways she’s putting off a new growth point in photo 1, and two could possibly be a flower stalk, or another growth point! This is a #Propagation or #proplift from walmart, that my boyfriend clawed out of a planter from Walmart… some may say that’s stealing but I don’t think so…
3- big creepy spider living in my ghost plant… so I’ve had lots off webs on all my succs, I don’t mind them because they eat other bugs, but this one is just a lot bigger than then the other guests… he spent most the day here but was gone by the evening.. 😵‍💫
4- new pachyveria ‘Little Jewel’ my mom got me, when we took a trip to Home Depot, for bug netting. the cicadas are taking over her yard and veggie garden 😳
5- Echeveria Aphrodite so close to blooming! Can’t wait to sees those flowers! 🌺 #GrowingSuccs #PropagationStation #Propagation #proplifter #PropDontShop #HappyPlants #BloomingSuccs #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #SucculentSquad #Succulents #Succulent #Sedeveria #Pachyveria #Echeveria #GhostPlant #SucculentLove #NewGrowth
3” pot with drainage
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These photos are sooo gorgeous ahhh! I love 🫶 and I hope you can find peace, nature is a beautiful cure to so much 🌱
As always, you have some nice looking succulents putting out new growth or blooms. Hope things get better for you. I thought of you when I ordred a bag of Bonsai Jack’s gritty mix last week. These are my first succlents potted with some added to the cactus and succulent soil and perlite.
@RefinedSandwort omg awesome ! I highly recommend that stuff for succs it’s a game changer ! I really hope you like it and have good results ! I need to order another bag myself! Thank you for your kind words ! 🌿💕
@itsjordan thank you’ I love my iPhone for the main reason the awesome photos it takes of nature and just about anything. Thank you for the kind words! 🥰
@tidytigerpear Your plants and photos are absolutely Beautiful.✨ Sorry things are going roughly right now for you.
He was a Big spider ! I’m sorry you are struggling right now and I hope everything clears up for you. Wish you the best. 🙌🌱❤️🤪💕
Nature is the best healer there is. 💕❤️best to you. 🙌🌱🤪❤️💕
They’re all so cute ! I never knew the ghost plant bloomed very pretty ! I know about issues arising that we have no control over . sadly it’s very hard to see there are brighter days to come 🫶 I find nature to be the best medicine for our wellbeing with all the gifts of color from Mother Nature . Thanks for sharing
@ILoveMyPlants the one blooming is Echeveria Aphrodite , not a ghost plant but they do look similar ! But I agree nature is the best remedy for any issue!
Good job with your succulents they can be tricky sometimes