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Happy #FreshLeafFriday 🌱 I had a hard time choosing what ...

Happy #FreshLeafFriday 🌱 I had a hard time choosing what to post; with spring close at hand, all of my plants are beginning to wake up and start pushing out new growth! It’s so exciting, especially after what felt like such a long and dreary NY winter.
I’ll have to post more in the comments! πŸ˜‡ So, my pink speckled #Syngonium (not to be confused with my pink splash) has THREE new leaves (pics 1&2)! One is halfway through unfurling and I’m so excited because it’s just beautiful 😍 and it just finished opening a new leaf last week (3rd picture), so this one is really being productive! Even more exciting, my #FicusRuby is producing its first new leaf in my care πŸ€— (4th pic), and it’s already gorgeous. Finally, my new baby #AlocasiaPolly has a brand new leaf and another one starting, so even though it seems to be under some stress (minor adjustment issues), it’s still happy enough to keep growing! I’ll have to put more in the comments because this is truly a good week for me in terms of #NewGrowth. As always, feel free to show me pictures of yours! I love to see what everyone’s plants are doing. πŸ’šπŸͺ΄ #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #PinkPlantsofGreg #ArrowheadPlant #FicusGang #FicusFam #GregGang #PLANTMAFIA #PlantTherapy #babevila
My #DwarfUmbrellaTree is giving me fresh baby umbrellas like crazy! My #FalseChristmasCactus is finally ready to bloom (late bloomer, indeed!), and this cute little Red Banana #Croton I rescued from clearance that had been decapitated and lost most of its other leaves, is finally giving me some new growth! He was in rough shape when I got him, so this makes me ecstatic 😊
One of my #ChineseHibiscus suddenly dropped all its leaves last month, for no reason I could figure out. He was doing so well all winter! But now he’s growing all new leaves, so I guess he’s good 😊 My green #Syngonium that was rescued from clearance has two new leaves almost ready to open, and my #ZzPlant is sending up new stalks (are they called stalks?). I also have tons of new leaves on all my #PeaceLily, my #MarbQueenPothos stays making new leaves, and my #PaintersPalette #Anthurium are all putting out fresh growth. I love spring!! πŸ₯³πŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸŒ»