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My pal Gomez in a recycled coffee tin. My spider plants in metal pots are the happiest ones!🌱 #SpiderPlant #HappyPlants #upcycledpot #Nallon
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Really interesting! Is there a reason you know of? Spidey plant is on my list
@Hypsie I wish I could tell you exactly why, but I had one in a glazed no drain pot and it got root rot, had one in plastic with drainage for a while, but should have repotted and let it get too root bound. One was also lovingly donated to my hamster as they’re safe and can be used for building nests, he then chewed it too the root and dug out all the soil… I got all of these as babies from a friend’s mother plant, and the ones in recycled cans with holes drilled in the bottom are doing the best. I think they like more space than you expect as juveniles and the depth of the cans grants them that without being too wide to swallow them. When established, being a bit root bound isn’t an issue as it helps produce the pups, but once you’ve got some and trimmed them, repot straight away. They’re so easy to care for and also do well propping in water too. Absolutely get one when you can, and you’ll have a few before you know it! 🌱
@Nallon Thank you so much! I@ screenshotting so I don’t lose this! I’m hoping to find a friend with one. Awww I love that your hamster had one to enjoy! 🐹
@Hypsie you’re so welcome! They’re safe for also mildly hallucinogenic to cats too, just a great plant all round for furry friends too! 🌱🤣
@Nallon I just remembered I have heard of people putting nails or pennies in the soil to increase some mineral content. Maybe you found an even better method!
@Hypsie oooh! That’s quite possible! I do like a can as a pot, herbs too, they’ve always been a good starting point for me. I also thought the bit of coffee at the bottom of this one must have been at least a little bit beneficial right? 🤣
@Nallon Coffee is life! 🪴
I received two spider plants at the same time, and potted one in a drilled metal tin and another in just a plastic pot. The one in the tin took off and shot off babies like nobody’s business - I had no idea this was a “thing”!
gomez is literally an angel. i love that so much
@ashersmith thank you 🌱 I’m trying really hard to keep them happy!
@fueledbykaty I believe we have discovered a spider plant hack without knowing - I’ve kept every tin from coffee etc ready to repot the babies in the future 😎🌱
@Nallon I love it. A great way to repurpose!
I’ve found some cute cans from beverages that I always thought would make a cute pot - raising babies would be perfect!! 😍
You’re giving me ideas! My poor spider plant got totally chewed up by my cat. 😂 hilarious what you did with your hamster.
@calvina thank you! Apparently they’re similar to catnip for cats so I’m not surprised 🤣 try a metal can to boost the growth to keep up with the love from your cat!
@Nallon a coke can! I love it.

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