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I appreciate my plants even more when I come down in the morning and they validate my feelings about the weather.

The air has been thick and heavy here for days, today the forecast is 90⁰ and no wind. I can tell you this is the exact opposite reason I moved to Maine and settled 5 miles from the ocean.
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Ugh it has been the same here in New York! My plants and I are NOT a fanπŸ₯΅
I moved from s Florida to pennsylvania cuz I couldn’t stand the heat. Now I’m like, I should of stayed in Florida πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅
Here in northeast Ohio it's been unbearably hot, but at least it's not Florida. I lived in Florida for 14 years ugh that hot, humid, bug, gator, snake infested swamp, they have mosquitos and roaches bigger than dinner plates πŸ˜‚. My family all moved to Florida a year ago, not me, it may be hot here but it always cools down and we have the change of seasons which I love. Fortunately my plants don't wilt like I do when it hot πŸ”₯πŸ₯΅πŸ€£
I'm in Indiana came here from Texas. I was missing the 4 seasons having been born n raised in Connecticut. I never thought weather could be so crazy as it is here. I feel your pain @PlantMompy @Sassylimey @Marthamaywho92 @Kwanna I'll take warm dry Waco TX any day.'s muggy over here in VT too!! Feel sticky all day.... I agree...this is NOT why I moved up here 🀣🀣
Ok……seriously plant people? I promise you @Stall54Jo and everyone else….we are dying here in TX! You do NOT want to be here….it’s been hell for 2 months and counting. Now we’re on water rationing too. My poor outside plants have mostly died…except for the cactus. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😫 We are all miserable here.
Oh…and as an added bonus…it’s still humid here too.
Climate change in action some would say @TJphilobsessed I hope things improve for you guys. I'm hiding inside with MY AC for now
@Sassylimey I am in southwest Ohio and feel the same pain, but want to mention, Sarah, my family ALSO moved to Florida. Daughter, husband and our 2 grandkids (whom we miss terribly). So we get to go there occasionally. Last year husband and I stupidly visited them in July…..never again. This year they came here in July and we are going in Oct. A much saner plan. This is a long enough post but sometime will tell about the plant from Florida I brought home.
I am with you πŸ’― I have no family here, they're all in Florida 😭
I went down in January and it wasn't pleasant, very chilly and I only had light clothes πŸ˜‚
I really don't like Florida, I'm originally from England and even though I've lived all over including Africa and Saudi Arabia. I'm very content where I'm at and wouldn't ever consider moving back to Florida @AC73LoveCats
@Sassylimey agree entirely. Plus the giant roaches FLY πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€
@TJphilobsessed a Texas friend tried to convince me to move to Austin. It seems like an awesome city butβ€” Texas?? Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m dying of heat in pennsylvania but yes, at least it cools at night, after a rainstorm, and after Summer 😺
@Kwanna yeah those things are nasty, palmetto bugs ugh yuck. The first night in our new house in Florida my ex and I were dive bombed by those buggers. I'm so glad we don't have that kind of bug problem up here 😌
@Kwanna Anna, I lived in Austin for a year and it was very pleasant. I had wanted to go back to live there but it never materialized. Summer is very hot but somehow bearable cause it didn’t feel very humid. Winter was better than ours. It rained a lot but no snow or super cold temps. I got by with a raincoat. I loved the foliage outdoors. It’s where I got my now 44 year old ponytail palm named Austin.
@Sassylimey (In my above post to Anna there was a typo, Austin is 45 not 44.). Sarah, I am impressed with how much it appears you like northeast Ohio. We can both keep on rooting for Ohio. Also you don’t care for Florida. If I could I would retire to having a home there near daughter and grandkids in the winter and back to Ohio in the summer. We do have beautiful summers with a few hot spots. Just can’t afford 2 homes like that. Wow tho, if in Florida I would plant flowers and plants in my yard year round.
@Kwanna you are correct. There is no cooling off until about 6:00 or 7:00 am…then it starts all over again.
@Marthamaywho92 yeah, I can't imagine any New England states are better
@Kwanna I moved from MA > VT > ME, so far north and toward the coast haven't been cool enough so I told my husband AK here we come!
@Sassylimey I'm with you - I would never move to FL
@Stall54Jo I agree. I visited AZ the end of June a few years ago and HIKED. The dry heat was much more pleasant.
@PlantMompy I moved here from Vermont. Unless you're on the top of like Mansfield or Pinnacle, etc. it's awful. I thought that being near the ocean would be better, apparently I have to be RIGHT ON IT 😩
@TJphilobsessed my sister lives in TX and I asked her what y'all do in summer. Her answer was "We just don't go outside. We go from our AC houses to our AC cars to our AC jobs, etc." And I. Was. Floored. I couldn't imagine living somewhere you just can't be outside and have that be "normal." Y'all are crazy πŸ˜‚
@AC73LoveCats I think that them coming to you in July and you going down in October is a MUCH better plan!
@PlantMompy Thank you, Ashley. I guess we just missed them so much last year after not going for over a year during the pandemic, that we tried July. Also it was the first time we took enough time off to drive and not have to rush (took 2 days each way). But I had SHEETS of water coming off my face. Never again.
@AC73LoveCats we get that! My first was born about 5 months before the pandemic, and my second is almost a year. They are the first and second grandbabies for both sides of the family, there has been a lot of not-so-patiently waiting on everyone's end since of course we moved when we were 6 months pregnant. Starting to get into a visiting rhythm, though!
Yes, we are too, gradually. The pandemic really stopped us on that. Congratulations on your babies! Our grandkids are 8 and 5. Moved 3 years ago. We had seen them almost every day before that.
An advantage I have noticed, though, is that I have much more time for πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ gardening than I did with the kids here. This summer I am spending most of my free time on my plants, outside and inside, and loving it even more than usual.
@AC73LoveCats yeah I'm trying to make and establish gardens while growing and raising babies... The gardens are not where I wish they were πŸ˜‚ all in good time, though!
Right, that will get better over time. I had (and have again) a beautiful perennial garden along my driveway, but, when raising my very strong-willed daughter I got to the point where the garden got full of grass, I couldn’t cope with it and had my husband just mow it down for a couple years! Now it is back and beautiful again. And I have time to add to it.

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