Posted 1w ago by @ABCD

@PlantyPlanter Today’s the day! I can feel it! ✉️🌱
@ABCD no VSS :(
@PlantyPlanter NO! Are you sure the mail came? 😰
@ABCD yep
@PlantyPlanter 😭…Will send more tomorrow…
@ABCD are you sure? I don’t want to make you send more
@PlantyPlanter I’m not going to say no that’s disappointing…the good news is I can send more than 3 ☺️! Can I trim the tall ones so they fit? Will that hurt them?
It won’t kill them or anything. But I don’t think it will grow back before winter. But it would be fine next year
@PlantyPlanter ok! I’ll just get more babies. Here’s the new form
@ABCD done! I’ll let you know tomorrow if I get the first ones. I hope I do! I don’t want to make you send anymore
@PlantyPlanter ahhhh last time there wasn’t apartment 1A
@ABCD it apt 1 something’s say apt a bit it’s usually apt 1 I still don’t think that would have caused me to not get it though
@ABCD sometimes the address on mail says A so when I tell ppl I say 1 or A. Just put apt 1
@PlantyPlanter ok should I wait until tomorrow ?
@ABCD yes
@PlantyPlanter if it doesn’t come I’m gonna cry 😂
@ABCD me too 😭

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