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This #FreshLeafFriday is really eventful! My #Aglaonema #...

This #FreshLeafFriday is really eventful! My #Aglaonema #GoldenFlourite has a new leaf unfurling; my #RedSiamAuroraAglaonema’s new leaf is FINALLY almost all the way open; my #PhilodendronBirkin’s new leaf is almost there and has a red streak (looks brown in the picture, but I promise it’s red! Lol); and my brand new #SilverLeafPhilodendron has FOUR new leaves opening! I always love to watch new leaves unfurling 🥰🌱😁 #GregGang #NewGrowth #Greggers #LeafLust #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #PLANTMAFIA #babevila
@BabeVila Cool plant pics. I love the Aglaonemas for their plushness. I keep them close to some plants needing more humidity like a Polly Alocasia & some of my new Philodendrons. They are helpful for a humidity huttle. Plus they are just pretty, consistently growing & an easier plant to maintain. Birkin on the other hand was a problem child for me. I couldn’t figure that Brat out. He wasn’t very cooperative with me. Hope you have better luck with yours. Love its new leaf. 🍃
@Rockrlee thank you! I actually keep these all in the same general area so they can benefit from the humidifier! They all seem to love it.