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One thing I really love seeing is how creative y'all are with your plant names. Like some of you are creative af! So like, which ones are you most proud of?

Personally, my current favorite is a pink syngonium named Syngonium Weaver.

Lemme see your favorite!
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Well, the only one I feel I did a "good job" with is my Aloe, Tiny Dancer, and it's the one with a flower stalk so I guess I have to stick with it πŸ˜‚
Wowza, that's a beautiful plant! My favorite is my elephant ear I named "Dumbo" 🀣
I rescued an aloe from my job....named him "Forget MeNot"... 😊
@PlantMompy I did giggle when I read it. I also had a Tiny Dancer...but I killed it. 😬
@Marthamaywho92 😳 Dumbo is GORGEOUS!
@PlantEsteem I think you posted about it a while back and I do remember chuckling over that one.
I named my Stingray plant β€œSteve Irwin”
@Kaleyeeaah TOO SOON 🀣
@discreetwildyam that man is a legend
One of my loves, cos I love all my plants, is a Gollum Jade named Gamora, because she's planted in a Groot planter.
@Sassylimey It looks so fitting. The planter. The plant. The name. 10/10.
Aaawww thank you so much @discreetwildyam πŸ₯°
@discreetwildyam Dumbo was at the top of my plant wishlist and is my absolute favorite...shhhh🀫, don't tell the others🀣
So I’m pretty partial to my false Christmas cactus named Lloyd Christmas.
Oooh, some of the names I’m proudest of:
-Fiddle Leaf Fig called Newton
-Swiss Cheese Vine called Chedda
-Rattlesnake Plant called Yo-yo
-And my #1 homegirl L’Fern who is a huge Boston Fern
Mine all have names within the actual plant name. So my Alocasia Zebrina is named Sebrina. My birkin is named dirk. My rubber tree is Ruby, hahah πŸ˜‚
@Wickedlemons You saw the opportunity and you took it. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
@TryingMyBest650 L'FERN!!!! 🀣🀣 She is gorgeous though omg 😍
My aloe is "Al Green"
Calliope, Venus, or Pandora. Greek mythology names are always golden. Although Norse is good too. I named my two zz ravens after Huginn and Muninn, Odin's two ravens.
@jcPlantProper It helps you remember them though! I don't know 2/3 of the succulents I have because instead of remembering the plant type, I just remember what I named it so when I see them irl I'm like, "Oh that's a Bubsy!"
@ShibaSunroom This one is so good πŸ˜†
@discreetwildyam I am currently in search of his best friend Harry 😏
@wolfwoman I LOVE this. It fits perfectly.
Love your Pink!! What a beauty! My new favorite name is Gloria Gaynor for this Arrowhead, because she is going to survive. β€œI will survive”
Ooohhh I almost forgot about Maleficent, she’s an alocasia Polly.
@Wickedlemons I hope you find him a good Harry. πŸ˜† Also that's a REALLY good one.
@Plantenergy Man do they! They'd probably grow in a trash can.
Most of my plants names are a twist on their real names and it helps me remember their real names. But one of my favorites is my Poe.. it’s a raven zz and named it after Edgar Allen Poe because my favorite poem is The Raven. Another reason I love it is because it’s black leaves and when I got it the original plant died off. Only one leaf remained until it sprouted two new stalks. It pretty much came back from the dead.
I named my Living Stones 'Beavis' and "Butthead' cuz they look like...🀣

And my baby bunny belly's are named 'CantStawpWontStawp' cuz it's growing crazy fast lol
I just name all of mine after anime characters πŸ˜‚
Although my air plants name was clever, it’s a blushing bride so it’s spiky and due to that I chose a character with spiky hair who is also known for his volleyball spikes!
My hindu hoya rope is named Henna. I like it because it starts with an H and is pretty unique for a plant name :)
@NMazon It's so cute! Very aptly named.
@ManyLime You have one named Bigleef Smalls!!! Actually all your names are pretty solid. πŸ˜†
@Nightshade I like naming them after characters through a series! I have the members of Outkast and the cast of Flapjack.
@fabiana It's a gorgeous plant! I love your picture for it.
One of my orchids is "Keanu Leaves" πŸ˜†

And my 2 snake plants are: Badger & Snek
@ShibaSunroom I knew one of you had that one! I remember seeing it a while ago and couldn't remember who it was! Solid, solid name.
i’m really proud of myself for thinking of the name brie for my swiss cheese plant (get it?)
@arden *slow clap*
Hahaha! I love Syngonium Weaver! Sometimes the names just come to me and sometimes it’s so hard!

I was proud of Buzz for my coffee plant and Kermit for my philo moonlight. Propagated from my big ass rubber plant Biggie Smalls and called his baby β€œMa$e.” (Am I dating myself with that one?) Finally Wednesday for the Addams family for my Geogenanthus with dark purple/black leaves.

Great thread idea!
@lemrobs These are all fantastic. I'm always astounded at people's creativity with some of them. Just too damn clever.

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