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Another baby! I couldn't be more pleased. My little Lola is giving me another upshoot. #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #newgrowth #propagationstation #snakeplant
Awesome! @Stall54Jo how long did it take for you to get to your first pup? Did you stick in water for a few weeks then transfer to soil? I’m considering propping one of my sansev spears today…
I potted Lola on May 5th. @00Severijn Her roots were 4 months in the making but they were great. We discovered the first pup on June 22 and the second yesterday. This is a birds nest sanseveria prop. Here is a pic of Harper the Big Mamma #propagationstation #snakeplant #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy I have a Fer others propagating right now. I hope they do as well
Amazing thank you @Stall54Jo Hmm 4-6 months would put me in winter... I live in SoCal so the soil transfer wouldn’t be too risky, right? Can you let a sansev cutting sit and root for almost a year (if I wanted to save transferring to soil until spring or summer)?
@00Severijn I think you could leave it to root more or less as long as you want so long as you change out the water periodically and feed it with a water soluble fertilizer once the roots get to be planting size.

This is maybe not a great comparison but I have an Alocasia Black Velvet that is living in water because I rescued it as a hydroponic plant and didn't want to risk killing it with a soil transfer.
Yours may not take as long. I have one that put out in a week. I agree @00Severijn with @tmbryant37 it could probably stay in water a very long time. They are usually ready when roots are 2-3 inches.
@Stall54Jo well I dunno how I feel about my chances here but we’re trying it anyway!
Teacup yessss going to make one
@00Severijn @Ros23 I think it's hard to make a mistake when proving snake plants or Philo. There are so many different ways. All have been successful however you have to have alot of patience. I'm pulling for you.

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