Posted 1M ago by @TopnotchAgboyz

To preface this; I can't get the darned fake flower off no matter how hard I try🤦‍♀️
I was gifted a cactus I really wasn't prepared for, and have not been convinced I'm doing a good job BUT it's fruiting?!
I wasn't even sure that's what it was at first, but I did have flowers for a blink of an eye a few months ago & thought maybe! Plucked one & opened it & it is certainly a fruit as it had "flesh" and seeds!
My fake flower was really hard to get off. It honestly took off some of the needles…
@stringofgreens YES!! that's what I'm worried about! There's such a glob of hot glue under it & I'm afraid to hurt the plant!! I figured it'd loosen up over time but no luck.
Maybe try to snip it off if you can get under it, definitely don’t pull it like I tried. I thought it was loose enough 😅
@stringofgreens good thinkin! I'll let you know if I get it!

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