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My daughter over watered Apoloe. I just got this plant 2 ...

My daughter over watered Apoloe. I just got this plant 2 weeks ago. This pot has no drainage holes either. Should/can I repot into a larger pot at this time? #newbeginnings #aloevera #newplanter
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Absolutely just give her plenty of soil and sun to really flourish ✨️
Definitely get it out of there and into some cactus/succulent mix with some perlite added. I would not water it for a while after repotting into a pot with drainage.
Definitely! Might let the roots air dry a bit first too (on perlite or clean cloth for an hour or two) and then repot in new, dry, succulent soil.
i would put her in a bigger pot with drainage. also, give her some sun to help her evaporate some of that water.
Thank you everyone πŸ’“ ☺️
I know aloe plants like to be a bit root bound…I would only plant in a pot that is 5-10% wider than than the plant itself. This pot looks to be a good size to me. The problem with it is it needs drainage holes. The cozier they are, the more babies they produce. Pretty soon, you’ll have so many aloe plants, you won’t know what to do with them all. What I would do in this situation is take the plant out of this pot, let it dry. If you have another pot with drainage holes, put it in that. If you are using the same pot, be careful with how much water you add. They don’t need much. Happy planting!
oh no! πŸ™€ hope she gets better!
Remove it from the pot it's in. I suggest a Terracotta pot with drainage. Let the roots air dry for 3-5 days in a area with no direct sun. Then repot in a Cactus/Succulent mix with perlite mixed in. Do not water after you repot it for about 5 days, then wet it down and don't water it again until the soil is bone dry. They are prone to root rot. They don't require alot of water because they store it within themselves
OMG I hope you took that plant out of the water right away! It's usually best Not to repot a newly brought home plant but in your case it's a Must. It definitely needs drainage as well. You are right about that. But well draining cactus or succulent soil. I make my own from coco coir, peat and perlite. I add worm castings and mycorrhizae fungi. All can be found on Amazon or Home Depot type store. Aloe plant like soil to dry out between waterings. Hope this helps. Good luck 😊