Posted 7M ago by @CrispLuronium

Is my philodendron leaf stuck?

Just noticed this yesterday. Is this a stuck leaf? It’s underneath a grow light and I have a humidifier at 70%
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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It's a RELEASING leaf, not necessarily STUCK... leaves can take up to two(2) weeks, or more, to completely release from the #cataphyll @CrispLuronium should not be considered "stuck" until a reasonable period has passed and the process has not been completed. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Sometimes, the bigger the leaf, the slower the process.

Baesil is gorgeous. 😍

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Give it time it will open it’s just still on the process
If it goes a long time like that, you can very gently release it by softly sliding your pinky across where it's 'stuck', or gently pull.
It isn’t stuck. You can spray with water to help it along.
@JustPlainDee thank you! So I should expect all new leaves/new growth to be this way? Out of all my plants, this has been the only one I’ve experienced this with.
@Michelle5986 thank you! This has been the only plant so far I’ve experienced this with.
@BeeBalm thank you!
@toomanyplantss thank you!
Nooooo, don't "expect" it because it usually is random, @CrispLuronium ...I actually just made a recent post about one(1) of my Prince of Orange plants having a leaf releasing for almost three(3) weeks. 😲 Sometimes it happens if the humidity or temperature dips momentarily (because they're tropical, their growth is WARMth motivated) but it can happen when everything is optimum as well... it's just their nature. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Like I said before, if it becomes prolonged WEEKS, then consider it "stuck" and PlantParent Erica can step in to help it release. πŸ™‚
@CrispLuronium philos do it all the time lol esp the climbing ones