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Plant Mail Time! How lovely that my plant mail arrived ...

Plant Mail Time!

How lovely that my plant mail arrived on valentines day πŸ₯°

We have my cactus subscription box, hoya erythrina (that I cant wait to try and sunstress!), a little anthurium magnificum baby and begonia burkillii silver edge that’s not looking too happy. It was very wilted and had curled leaf edges and a stem was broken (which I popped in my prop box). Its had a water and gone into my cabinet so hopefully it recovers (or at least I can manage to prop it)

I also bought a beautiful pot that I think a hoya will probably go in 😊
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What a haul! πŸ‘
A subscription box is such a cool idea!β™₯️
@GaryPoopins It’s very cute and I like that it isn’t large plants! The surprise each month is super fun and I don’t know much about the varieties of cactii/succulents so expanding my collection is nice. I’ve been subscribed to it for nearly a year! (next month is the year)
@Peachyhoyas how cool! I did one years ago but didn’t appreciate it. Which company is it? And if you have a share code, send it my way please! Thanks in advance πŸŒ±β˜€οΈβ€οΈ
@RealSimpleMama it’s barry’s cactus club! It is UK based though and I don’t know if there’s any US shipment with it :( It’s Β£16 a month which I think is an acceptable monthly subscription price, they throw in extras like those bulbs or a key ring etc, and the care card is cute they give you a little collector paper book for them.

Here’s a referral code anyway if any UK based greggers want to try it :)

I’m sure there’s also something like that in the US so have a look online! I found this when I was looking online for a smaller plant subscription box.
Beautiful 😍