Posted 2w ago by @ESylvanus

Wow!!! I wasn’t expecting my #plantpropermail to arrive so quickly! Both plants are gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩
Unfortunately, they arrived before their humidifier, but I suspect they’ll enjoy the outdoor sauna in a shaded portion of the patio until it arrives 🥰
12ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 17 hours ago
They look GREAT 💚
Ooo that was fast! Yes the Thailand wants as much humidity and light (not direct) as you can. And don’t let it dry out
So beautiful
Oooooo.....very nice!!!! Love all those leaves!!! 🤩🤩
@jcPlantProper Good to know! I’ve been trying to read up on it (bad me for not researching first—broke my own rule 😅), but I haven’t found much. I’ll try to keep both of them next to the humidifier when it comes then!
@jcPlantProper Does it have a preference about water? I have distilled, dechlorinated, spring, and tap depending on the plant or pet 😂, so if it would do better with one over another, I can accommodate
@ESylvanus nope! No water preference
Both so beautiful 🤩
@Mrgncrch did you get my address? :)
@jcPlantProper I did! I’ve got it packaged and ready for the post, I’m so sorry it wasn’t sooner
@Mrgncrch did you check your mail today
@Mrgncrch yeah no rush! I just want to have my hubby check the mail whenever it gets there since I’m not home
@jcPlantProper I’ll get tracking on it and send you the info! I haven’t checked my mail today yet they usually run around 1pm at my house :)
@Mrgncrch you should have something outside 🧚‍♀️
@jcPlantProper oh my god 🥺
@Mrgncrch idk it says delivered so :)
@jcPlantProper My dad works from home I’ll message him and bring it inside for me 💛
@ESylvanus Lovely plant really enjoy the different green shades
Did you get a philodendron too? 👀👀
I have the Thailand! It’s so fun
@Kace Yes! I ordered the philodendron late last week, so it arrived yesterday! It has been a great week for plant mail 😄
@ESylvanus I was just searching Greg to figure out who I confused you with! I’m glad it was you!

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