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Good Morning! #GregGang! Please stay away from this sho...

Good Morning! #GregGang! Please stay away from this shop on #etsy . I can’t say it’s an #EtsyScamShops member but I can tell you that I never leave less than stellar reviews unless there’s a real issue. And this is a first!

I have over 1k plants and most aren’t on the app. I ordered two large spiral aloes which they sent and right out of the boxes, there were broken leaves, they looked a bit overwatered, and had mushy leaves. I set them on a shelf and woke up to one leaking sap from the bottom. That same day, as the plants had arrived very dirty, I went to wipe the leaves off one and they started falling off. Next day, rot started taking over. When I contacted them, they said they didn’t know what happened and they would wait until other buyers would review the other aloes. One plant is unlike the other even if they look the same. One may have been overwatered more than the others. Logical concept, yes? No, it appears they cannot fathom the point.

The picture they sent me was supposed to be of my aloe but that’s just a picture. The chance it was actually mine is questionable because I have pictures of what I received and they don’t look like the picture they sent which looks exactly like their listing image except for the date. They offered me one replacement that I could drive over to pick up once they move to Pflugerville from California (??) during my initial message to them. Well, now the other aloe is a goner as well.

Clearly, they were overwatered and damaged before shipping and they are saying they don’t know what happened.I’ll let you all tell me what you think.

I’ll add the link so you can see the videos in the reviews. And I will also attach images of what I saw last night and this morning.

Save yourself the money and do not buy from them. There are no refunds and obviously they aren’t aware that I am very aware of caring for aloes, agaves, and succulents.

I have not heard back from them since my message last night telling them the aloes were rotting. I spent $200 on plants I expected would be healthy but that’s not what I got. And rather than say, “We can send another one out to you right away!”, they want me to drive 1.5 hours once they move to Texas. Nope!

I hate doing this because I find it tasteless however, I’d rather you know whom you cannot trust via their service.

Link and more info in comments.
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Look at all that algae. That soil they have them in is all wrong
Link to shop where you can see my video review.
The first aloe and what I saw late last night.
The second aloe this morning.
Here’s the coomunication between us:
As of this morning.
So I just got done looking at your videos and checked out the listings pictures. They look like they were in the ground. And the ground had lots of algae growing on it. No wonder the aloes are rotting. It’s been in wet soil for a long while
@ThePinkCactus thanks! I also noticed but waited to see if anyone else would notice.
@AnthuriumQueen They should give you your money back and take that listing down. They’re all suffocating in that soil
@ThePinkCactus I agree. I’m going to contact Etsy and let them know how this is borderline scamming. They should do better. If I can’t get my money back, it’s ok however I’ll die on the hill that we need to start creating a list of shops to stay away from on my website to protect other plant parents from this debacle. No one should go through this. No one. Even if it’s a $10 purchase. It’s just bad business!
@AnthuriumQueen maybe they don’t have much experience with this aloe and just stuck the aloe in their yard recently not caring about its care requirements. It’s confusing because they’re marked as a star seller even. They made a lot of people happy. But what they did to you is not right at all. They shouldn’t have listed that aloe to begin with. I’m mad for you. That’s some BS!
@ThePinkCactus thanks. I’m ok with the situation. I’m more concerned with them trying to say they don’t know how it could have happened. I feel they knew exactly what they were doing.
1k plants is insane! How do you manage all of them?
So frustrating- thanks for the heads up - I just began buying from Etsy so I really appreciate this.
@AnthuriumQueen what also struck me was how they obviously don’t care at all about your experience. They didn’t even care enough to write you complete sentences. No apology, no nothing. I’m not one to leave bad reviews either but the vibes alone from this one are terrible and the poor plants even worse. Thank you for warning us. I’m so sorry you experienced this. That is a lot of money. But like you said, it’s terrible even if it’s $10.
@AnthuriumQueen sorry you’re involved with this terrible Etsy seller. I wasn’t aware we are able to inform our community members of bad experiences with certain sellers on this app. And I don’t find it to be tasteless or tacky that you share your experience with us. I appreciate your thoughtfulness to informing us. It is certainly disappointing when any of us receive unhealthy plants. And to top it off, the business ethics of this Etsy seller is very alarming. When I have a gardening product or plant that I purchase, I inform my sellers that I will mention to my plant community how wonderful their plants & customer service is to introduce or encourage more business. You have every reason to mention the same to this 💩 seller & Etsy that you have informed your community as well of this debacle scam. We all feel your anguish & we all support you. ❤️
@AnthuriumQueen I'm glad you reduced that to one star!
I would agree that reporting them TO ETSY is the best next step. They can block them from selling if they don't rectify the matter.

Side question... On your website? Do we all know what we site that is? I don't. I do think it's a good idea though to have a list. The problem comes when they close doors and open under a new name, same scam. 😔
Still, it's worth it to keep people from patronizing them at least in the short term.
So frustrating. Thank you for the heads up! Good luck with the return or exchange process. They seem not too helpful at all.
@GreenThumbSC I am very organized.
@BabeVila they actually came back and made it seem as though I had done something wrong. And I never asked for my money back. It’s the service that’s bothering me.
@Rockrlee thanks. It’s their ethics that I can’t get over.
@UltraKoreanfir oh, I’m reporting them to Etsy. And I have no qualms about having a list of bad shops and such on my site. I have nothing to lose.
@Azplantchic oh, I don’t even want to be near that energy so I don’t even want the one plant they offered I could drive 1.5 hours from her to pick up and today they told me they could teach me how to care for that kind of plant. Surprise, surprise, I have four that are absolutely healthy and thriving. These were for a trough planter. I’m out the $200 but I let them know that while others won’t say anything, I certainly will.
flowerNymph">@flowerNymph thanks. I’m just going to report them and send them our exchange so they can read the awful way they handled it. Not worried about the $200 if it means they can’t do this to anyone else.
@BabeVila flowerNymph">@flowerNymph @GreenThumbSC @Rockrlee @UltraKoreanfir @Azplantchic @StudiousWinika @ThePinkCactus The most recent exchange and look below for the last of it.
Thanks for your thoughts on this. Going to get on the phone with Etsy to let them read the exchange.
@AnthuriumQueen I’m sorry, them saying “BTW your photo looks like they will die soon” but oh don’t be sad we will send you a new one… like no really?something about that rubs me the wrong way, I mean the whole thing does but that line was so off putting…
@AnthuriumQueen What is your site?
@AnthuriumQueen omg their arrogance and rudeness makes my blood boil!!! I’m fuming. You have more class in one strand of hair than they can ever comprehend. They’re too busy scamming people and being condescending and patronizing. The whole undertone implying you were just being emotional and didn’t understand how to take care of the plants sent me! I hope they have the day they deserve. Kudos to you for calling them out.
@itsjordan oh, I agree!
@UltraKoreanfir it’s on my profile but I don’t have anything for the scam shops yet.
flowerNymph">@flowerNymph I don’t want the money back. It’s bad currency at this point. They can keep it.
@BabeVila I wish them the best of what they summon and deserve. 🤣
@AnthuriumQueen absolutely! Hope your day is much better today
@StudiousWinika Well, my financial accounts were hacked and they took 5k out. Not the best day yesterday but I’m ok otherwise.
@AnthuriumQueen WTF? I certainly hope the addage that bad luck comes in three's is not plaguing you!
@AnthuriumQueen omg. Sending you good vibes I am so very sorry.
@UltraKoreanfir it always does. Today, the smoke detectors went haywire for no reason at all. Time to replace them all while I have no access to any of my accounts because I told my bank rep to shut off all access and send me new cards.
@StudiousWinika thanks! I need those good vibes!
Is mercury in lemonade ? 😂you need a massage
@AnthuriumQueen Thanks for sharing, I have reported them to Etsy 🧡
@StudiousWinika I need a vacation!