Posted 1M ago by @WiseDidelta

I REPOTTED these twins together like a MONTH ago.
But they don't seem to be getting enough room to spread OUT.
So I'm going to SEPARATE them AGAIN..
To see what happens #schefflera #dwarfumbrellatree #happyplants #PlantAddict @kscape @jcPlantProper #Help
Make sure you’re watering them thoroughly! These guys love as much light as you can give them, adequate water to match that light and their pot turned weekly for that even growth. Are they sitting in water? Or is the water able to drain?
They are in a drainage pot
They get plenty of light all day..
I had it near the window for awhile and some of the leaves has been falling off.
I move it like a week ago
@WiseDidelta I would try leaving it here for a while. Make sure that allll the soil gets wet and you dump out the water saucer after you water it. You just repotted it so it has to adopted again. How were the roots when you did this

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