Posted 1Y ago by @sarahsalith

Perfect tillandsia for sharing

Sometimes a plant is just to perfect to not share.
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So cool!
@sarahsalith is that an air plant or something else?
How did u hang yours? I ordered the same ones but some holes were either too big or too tiny to fit the string through!
@SmileyRhodotus Wirh the holes that were bigger, I tied a little stick at the end of the fishing line and used hot glue to secure it.

I have a little drill bit that I used to put holes in the tops.
@DESERT-Cali yes, little air plants!! I got these from @fightshrub a few months back! (: She's the best!
Oh wow! How beautiful.
@sarahsalith I’ve had the worst luck with air plants. From your picture, do you just water the leaves? I’ve had some I’ve watered from root (soak 10min) and some I’ve tried misting. How have you cared for yours? Looks beautiful.
@DESERT-Cali I keep them in my shower. It's east-facing (with a kiss of southern exposure). I spray them when I'm in the shower and when Greg reminds me to water them, I give them a quick soak for about 5 minutes (about every 15-20 days).