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These two ladies have decided to bloom again 🀩 🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼 Are...

These two ladies have decided to bloom again 🀩 🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼
Are they trying to make me jealous?! 🀣 bloomingSuccs">#bloomingSuccs #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #echeveriaLilacina #vladimirisbraggingagain #Succulents #Echeveria #EcheveriaPulidonis
More blooms!! I’m jealous. I’ve had new growth, but no blooms or pups so far for my succulents!
@vvvelo ooooh who is on my left? Is that Lola?
@PoniesAndPlants Echeveria lilacina
Your plants always look amazing @vvvelo
I know I've not been in here in a while... Life!
My gorgeous string of bananas you sent me is one of my most favourite plants. She's got stems that are 44" long. I have to chop and prop soon!
@Sassylimey Hi Sarah, I haven’t seen you here for years… I’m happy 😊 that SOB is showing its beauty 🀩
😍😍😍 Wow look at that! That is beautiful wow
@Macstracks thanks man! 🀝
@vvvelo alright…adding that to my list. Pretty sure I can get one from succulents market
@PoniesAndPlants I got it from this seller. This lady has good prices and large plants
@vvvelo thank you!!! Will check it out now!!! But succulent market has her too…and I already love them.
So pretty! I saw an echeveria at Walmart a few weeks ago and the flower stem was like a foot tall
@vvvelo ok, thanks for the awesome shop, they have gorgeous plants tremendously reasonable…just a little hard to tell if the plant I want is available…is there usually a delay in response?
@vvvelo DUUUUUUDE. Thank you for the tip…but I wish you warned me she sells every echeveria known to man and I would NEED THEM ALL!
@PoniesAndPlants they usually make sales. And you have to claim plant as soon as they posted a picture. If nobody claimed the plant in the comments to the photo then it is still available.
@PoniesAndPlants it is family business. There is husband and wife who do this succulents sale. I guess her name is Dede and she replies with some delay, but usually same day or the next day. They are very responsible sellers. Dede usually post in her stories when is the next sale and how many plants she has.
Thanks! I figured that part out lol. I’m still deciding…Romeo came! He’s bare roots so I’m not sure if I can plant him or should I put him on moist soil? Keep him misted?
@PoniesAndPlants I would just plant it in dry soil, place it away from direct sun, and water it in about 5-7 days.
Awesome! Thanks so much!!!
@vvvelo he doesn’t have any good sized roots really…
@PoniesAndPlants I see! I would not recommend you to water it at all until it shows new roots. Because without roots it may just simply Roth and die
Gotcha. Thank!!!!
@vvvelo gotcha! Thanks!!!!