Posted 5d ago by @SunnyLorinseria

I finally found a Philodendron Birkin 😍 I like to think of it as a steal at 3.50$ πŸ₯³πŸŒΏ #newplant #philodendronbirkin #philoflock
Omg! I wish I could find one that cheap!! You are so lucky! ❀️❀️πŸ₯°
3.50?!? That is a steal! Mine is half the size and was definitely twice as much... #NYplantlife
What a steal!!
That's a nice looking plant. It was a steal at that price
I have a small one and I have a big one….my small one looks like it is struggling a bit but the large one is doing amazing.
@Succulents4eva Thank you! I hope you're able to find one cheap too, keep hunting ❀️
@poisonivy213 I hope yours will grow large and you get to enjoy the journey 🌿❀️
@jcPlantProper & @VitalDaffodil thank you both πŸ₯°
@SlimvilleTN Here's hoping the small one will find its way to an easier growth ❀️
Definitely a steal! Way to go!!
@SunnyLorinseria I hope so. It is doin good but some leaves have brown spots on them like they r getting burned from the sun, but I’m sure it isn’t getting direct sun. My large one gets more direct sun than the small. I have relocated it in three different areas of the room. So we will see
When do they get such light variegation? Mine are like the lower leaves. Dark green with smalllime green lines
OMGoodness high 5. Beautiful.
@Treefairy Im not sure tbh. Crossing my fingers for light leaves 🌿🀞
@grandmaBee & @TJphilobsessed thank you! πŸ₯°
Omg 3.50 serious. Same size here sells at $15. Definitely a steal
That's a super steal! Nice!!!!!
Bargain 😍
Looks very cool!
it's gorgeous! and such a bargain!
@Sleepysunday @melodey @HoyaAddict @user07335567 @Irienys thanks everyone! I will treasure her πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸŒΏ
@SunnyLorinseria what an amazing find. My local grocery store had one that was in amazing shape that I almost purchased. It’s was Kroger’s in Oak Ridge TN. They tend to take care of their plants pretty well.
Wow! That is a beautiful steal!
Omg! That’s awesome!
You did well. It is so pretty!πŸ‘
@MamaFairy @Shaubplantshack @pegster thanks! ❀️🌿🌿
@KikiGoldblatt I love shopping places they take care of their plants ❀️🌿 this is from the local garden center, they always have great deals. Not too long ago I bought a Pink princess Philo for 5.50$. hopefully Philos will thrive here 🀞
That is a steal.
So pretty
So beautiful!!!
What a pretty plant. I paid 6 times that for mine. You really did get a steal
Congratulations for such a beauty! 😍

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