Posted 5M ago by @HoyaAddict

Aaaaah I’m so happy! I planted these dragonfruit seeds about 10 days ago and they’ve started to sprout! #DragonFruit #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #GrowingFromSeed
I hope they flourish for you💚 my attempt was terrible
@AguaViviente Oh no 🙈
@HoyaAddict gurl yesss! 🤡 I had mine under a grow light and on a heat mat, and in a huge gallon ziploc, they germinated fine. Lol since I’m not home every day, they grew and touched the top of the bag and they toppled over and didn’t make it. They honestly looks so easy to grow, just not for me. 🥸 
How exciting!😊
Congratulations! I’ve got 15 golden dragonfruit seedlings currently going in 2 stages. I honestly didn’t think they’d germinate that well if at all. I’m pleasantly surprised and enjoying it! Glad to see others doing the same. 🥰

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