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Meet Kiki-sonii & Kiki-bublu. These were the 1st cuttings of my Adansonii & Cebu Blue that I took and have already started rooting out. @KikiGoldblatt was so in πŸ₯° with my plants πŸͺ΄ that I've had these cooking for her and they are going out in the mail to her this week!
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Kiki-bublu roots/nodes #1
Kiki-bublu roots/nodes #2
Kiki-sonii roots/nodes
#rootporn 😍
Are you rooting in pure stratum or do you mix in leca or other things?
@tmbryant37 yes and no and some of all the above but not really, but kind of a combination of things. I have a process I'm expirementing with πŸ˜†.

I've been trying different mixes and methods. I'm going to do a post soon once I have some good results to show. But my secret for now.... 🀫
@tmbryant37 and I've gotten Adansonii down quick. I can get a cutting to start pushing out new growth in 3 weeks usually.
Rhats so awesome of you!! Such a beautiful plant
@ThePlantDadLife thank you so much. Your such an awesome guy Jason.
But I'm not crazy, those are stratum bits right?

Look forward to your post because I'm getting into stratum but still not completely sure of what I'm doing
@tmbryant37 yes, there's been some stratum thrown around, but I am out now... πŸ˜•
I've been ordering from Amazon the last couple times I needed any. Just as cheap as the pet store sale prices and they have both size bags listed.
@tmbryant37 I got the last bag from Amazon, I really like it and plan to get more to expirement with.
@ForFoxSake turned me onto it and I've had good luck with the few things I've got going in it, but I don't really know what I'm doing yet so I'm sure there's room for improvement on my part.

There is a FB group for folks growing in stratum and I see a lot of those folks using leca as a sort of water reservoir at the bottom. Fill the cup only up to the leca line and then the stratum above takes the water in as needed. Haven't tried it myself yet but I have some investment type high end plants coming in soon so I want to level my prop game up pretty quickly

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