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Hey yall! I just got some new baby catus and succulents. ...

Hey yall! I just got some new baby catus and succulents. I dont have very many pots with drainage and i am on a budjet so i put a good layer of rocks under the soil with my plants. Is this a good idea? Does anyone have any ideas what to do to prevent overwatering #succulentlove#
8ft to light, indirect
6ā€ pot without drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Definitely don't soak the soil like you would with a pot that has drainage.

Only water a tiny amount whenever your cactus starts to look a little wrinkly, after a few waters you can tell a good schedule and water amount.

I used a dropper with my tiny cactus pup and it only needed like 5 drops every 3 days at first šŸ˜† if they have very tiny roots, they won't be able to absorb a lot anyway, so less water more frequently
You can try plastic yoghurt pots and drill a hole into the bottom of them for drainage holes! You might be able to find other containers for larger plants to DIY your own pots!!
@BeLeafIYourself I also do what @SlickBoxholly suggests. I use any little plastic container I find around the house (even mini-play dough plastic pots) and make holes in the bottom for drainage. @RiverVal I also like the idea of the eye dropper and little water more frequently. Iā€™m going to do this on my tiny cactus that has a tiny root system. šŸŒµšŸ’š
@SunnyPlants yeah! For teeny tiny I usually start with 2 drops or so anytime they get a little wrinkly, checking everyday. And when the time between them is like 1 day and they need more, I slowly up the number of drops till they can go 3 days or so between waterings. Then just repeat lol

It's kinda slow and overly cautious but has worked well for me with no drainage or with more absorbent soils
@RiverVal Great! Iā€™m definitely going to do this with mine! I had actually posted about this recently with a pic of my tiny cactus. ā­ļø
@BeLeafIYourself I LOVE your handle btw! šŸ’š
Aww thanks guys. I feel so welcome here :)