Posted 4w ago by @IndependentKay

I have been noticing little bugs in the soil of my plants. Tiny white bugs in the dirt. How do I get rid of them permanently without harming my plants?
This is what they look like. I think they become those little tiny flies afterwards
Can you take a picture of them? It might help to identify them.

Are they in all your plants, or just a few?

Is there little webbing in your plants or near the soil?
The soil looks super wet. I would definitely repot with fresh soil and treat with neem oil solution. @sarahsalith @KikiGoldblatt do you have any other recommendations?
These are soil gnats that breed in a moist environment. I had them once and I changed the soil and got the yellow sticky traps you can find online. They do an amazing job!
@sarahsalith No webbing. Lots and lots of tiny white caterpillars or worms (not sure what they are). They seem to live in the dirt till adulthood then I think they become tiny fliesοΏΌ
@Shaubplantshack where do I get neem oil? Is it expensive?
@IndependentKay try systemic granules if you don’t have pets, those treat pest infestations faster than neem
@strawberrymoon I have a dog but he avoids my plants
@IndependentKay you can get neem oil at Home Depot. It around $10(us) a bottle
I sprayed some dawn solution on it. Doesn’t seem like the bugs like it.
@IndependentKay your dog literally looks like a cloud i love him sm!!! anyway if the infestation isn’t so bad the dawn would probably work :) might take a few sprays though, just do it whenever you see the bugs around
@strawberrymoon thanks ☺️. Let’s see if it works ☺️
@IndependentKay rooting for you and your plants <3

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