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When checking your plants to see if they need a repot before fall keeps turning into a longer to do list 🀦🏽.

I had one of these three on my list yesterday, and now I have five plants πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ½
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I love a good Haworthia ☺️ your plants look stunning
I'm a big fan! The part that is straight somehow managed to survive despite having no idea what I was doing at the time. The part that is tipped had been my constant attempt to get it to stop leaning and constantly rotating it the last several months 🀦🏽 but at least it's happy! @AguaViviente
@PlantMompy I read your profile and just realized you like swapping (trading) plants/cuttings? I personally haven’t done that yet; not in person or online. Do you have any experience or tips to share? 😊
@AguaViviente not many people have taken me up on it, so I haven't been able to try too many things out, but so far for props:
-Since cuttings typically need at least 24h to callous I just take them right before I mail them and assume they will be calloused by the time they arrive
-I like to pack them in something "firm" like a plastic cup, TP tube, etc so they kind of have a case around them, then I surround that in stuffing - usually just newspaper - to make sure it won't roll around the box
-If possible I think to throw in something stiff enough it may protect the plant from whatever crazy things happen in transit, like a bamboo stake
-Whenever possible, send a couple cuttings for better odds of success
@PlantMompy yeah I’ve got a lot to repot too. 😐
They all look so good....but the zebrina!! So full of stems and color 😍😍🀩
@PlantEsteem I was kind of indifferent to it when it was gifted to me, but now I'm obsessed. I hope now that it's in the right pot and has been treated well the last few months I may start getting pups or a flower next year! 🀞🏼
That is so exciting to dream of.....that zebrina flower post today blew me away! I hope yours is happy over winter and give you beautiful flowers for me to drool over!! 🀣🀩😍

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