Posted 1Y ago by @Superkma75

Free cat!
I bought a gorgeous neon pothos (left) for my nieces housewarming gift and my cat attacked it overnight. He doesn’t usually mess with my plants at all so I don’t know what the draw to this one was? Needless to say I was devastated. Thankfully I have one of my own that I will give to her instead and I will nurse this one back to health. The cat is fine btw and if you know anyone interested in a 3 year old bratty tabby, please let me know!
oh no!! I bought this cute alocasia a few weeks ago and within like four hours if it being in my house my cat destroyed it. Hope it bounces back for you!!
I always struggle balancing my long addiction and my cat’s destructive nature. Glad the cat is ok, porthos can be toxic to cats.

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