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I didn’t know they BlOoMeD??!! #PurpleHeart #bloom #NewGrowth #HappyPlants
After they bloom they die I had no idea until I got one
@planntpaarennt did you trim it back after it bloomed?
I got it really healthy too
@planntpaarennt oh no! Well thanks for the heads up I’ll baby her haha.
yep they bloom during the day then the flowers go away at night
mine didn't die at all. mine stays blooming. like I said. they come during the day then go away when it's dark
@kris10nicolee good to know! The plant looks completely healthy. I’ve heard they can get less dense and then you can just prune them and propagate πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ we will see what happens ☺️
Mine didn't die i had it for two years it's just that it didn't bloom again because I wasn't taking care of her correctly πŸ˜…
But i think she will soon
Mine has bloomed for years and just kept growing...
@kris10nicolee I was wondering what happened to the 2 pretty blooms I saw yesterday! I was like wtf?
@AtypicalRhodora pay attention to it. They literally go away at night and bloom back out in the day.
Really beautiful! That’s why they are called #PurpleHeart
Yeah and they are just so pretty :) their flowers will pop in and out lots

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