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Plant Highlight:
Pothos Marble Queen 🌱
A STAPLE and, I wanna say, in most peoples plant collection πŸ˜‚ if you DONT have this, why? It’s basically a variegated plant for those on a budget #dealalert
This can trail in a hanging basket or climb up something ! Either way, these are super fast growers

β˜€οΈ bright indirect OR low light. Different light levels will determine the variegation intensity and the more white stems will take longer to grow. If you want it more bushy or more variegation, trim the darker leaves and provide more light
πŸ’§ Water weekly-they have aerial roots and a decent root system. Letting it dry out once a month or so will make it happy.
☁️ Avg house hold humidity is totally ok for these guys.
🧽 Wiping the leaves w soapy water as well as checking under the leaves for pests
🌸 no flowers but pretty foliage
πŸ‘Ά propagation by cuttings or nodes. SUPER EASY.
πŸ’© definitely fertilize on a regular basis and repot as needed.

Anyone have a marble queen??
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Best Answer
I got one about a week ago. She’s gorgeous!
The marble queen I have is actually a cutting I received from my uncle. His marble queen is huge. He gave me two cuttings with one leaf each and nodes.. they both rooted but when I potted the in soil only one survived . It’s actually giving me a new leaf . It’s very exiting. As for the other one the leaf wilted away so I cut it off and stuck the stem with the nodes and surviving roots in water hoping it will get new roots.
@NMazon hey that’s great! Once they get a few leaves they take off!
@jcPlantProper I’m excited because Once it rooted it just stoped. No new roots no leaves.. and now that I see growth I have peace of mind it’s doing good. πŸƒ yay
Love these in depth tips! I got one recently and have been known to pull it down just to stare at the pretty leaves…
Mine is so close to trailing!! πŸ’• an incredible plant. I’ve taken a bunch of cuttings and they always turn out super pretty!
@tango soooo underrated !

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