Posted 1M ago by @WineyB

#NewGrowth how cute my first freshleaf #FreshLeafFriday a little late #leca
2” pot
Last watered 4 days ago
Best Answer
Beautiful plant with its new leaf πŸƒ.
how is leca going for you? did you start off as a water propagation and then switch to leca, or was it in soil?
@annapop yes water propagation and moved to leca the plant is about to open another leaf πŸƒ I’m planning on moving all indoor plants to leca or water my cat loves to dig in the soil
gotcha! i wanna do the same and i have so many water propagations that are ready, i’m just so nervous about the plants that are in soil🫠
@annapop I think I’m going to just propagate new plants for leca and not kill them moving to leca I almost killed my heart leaf philo by trying

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