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I’ve had my kentia palm for a while now and she was absolutely fine but recently she’s started leaning over and has slowly started dying . I’ve already cut 4 leaves of and they just still continue to die . Was wondering if anyone knew why? #KentiaPalm #HappyPlants #PlantAddict #help #plantdead #imgonnakillmykentia
#why this girl dying for
She may need to be repotted, you could also try to reposition the soil and roots slightly in the pot so that the stems are vertical. Don't pull the plant out of its pot. Just reposition it as best you can with as little movement of the soil and roots as possible. Press the potting mix down in tight around the stems to hold them in place. It could also be due to overwatering or not being watered enough repeatedly. Hope this helps, good luck 👍
@DivineCamphor okay I shall try repotting her thankyou so much!!
@Bigleaves of course!
I have killed every kentia I have owned 😩 This last time was root rot. I tried cutting away all the rot and replanting the twigs that remained, but I’m pretty sure there is no hope. Good luck to you!
@Hilly99 when I repotted mine I found that mine had root rot aswell 😭, I’ve still reported it as I’m going to try and revive it but I’m not sure if I will be able too, I’ll keep you updated and I hope you seem some growth in yours soon!!

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