Posted 2w ago by @AlliesTerrarium

This is my party planter. I companion planted dracaena, spider plants, and oxalis. All these plants and the planter were rescued (aka free) from the trash pile for a local plant shop - they had pot neighbors that died or they were wilted or damaged. And the pot had a massive chip - they thoughtfully put it inside. I revived (and glued) everything and now they’re something even better. And they have a πŸ¦•. #plantupcycling #freeplants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants
Beautiful 😍I love reading & seeing people's rescue plant stories🌼🌱
I bought this just yesterday for $7. It was in soil as dry as sand, I repotted it as soon as I got home & it's looking happier already πŸ₯°
Love that arrangement and such happy, healthy plants πŸ₯°
@AlliesTerrarium What a beautiful grouping of plants together!

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