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Soooooo, my #gregsecretsanta didn’t show up for me and it gave me a case of the blues, but @NewGrowth wasn’t havin it 💚 Yesterday the most beautiful #RedPrayerPlant arrived via #PlantMail and brought back my smile. Thank you so much for organizing such a nice exchange for this amazing group of #PlantAddicts, Moni. You really are beyond, and I appreciate you so much!💚 #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy
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I am so happy that it arrived in such beautiful condition, what a lush prayer plant! Nobody gets left behind on my watch! ❤️ Hope it will continue bringing you joy all through the year, Hillary.
@Hilly99 oh that’s awful… I’m glad @NewGrowth was around for you…😊😊😊
@NewGrowth this is a gorgeous plant ! Did you order from an online shop or ship yourself?
I’m sorry that happened, but that prayer plant is a beauty! 💚 Way to go @NewGrowth
I can relate, I'm sooooo happy you received your secret Santa. Sometimes the wait is really worth it. That's a stunning Calathea😍🥰
@SophieN ordered from Rooted Friends on Etsy!
@NewGrowth It was perfectly packaged and arrived looking pert and vibrant 🥰 I will definitely be adding that Etsy shop to my list of favs!
I didn’t participate this year because I was worried about the weather/shipping but hearing someone didn’t follow through makes me sad. I’ll be sure to join next year. @NewGrowth if anyone else was left hanging let me know. I’d be more than willing to help you so you aren’t stuck doing it all yourself.
@NewGrowth fantastic save and now I have a new store to add to the mix!
@Hilly99 glad that you were able to speak up and now have this gorgeous new prayer plant in your collection!
@KDkat3 thank you so much, I think everyone else has been accounted for! It’s definitely something I will have to keep in mind for next year’s planning efforts! Thank you so much for your generosity ❤️
Whatever all this is, I want to join!!! I need some plant love. I am new to this app and new to this group but I love it already.

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