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Getting some #junglevibes going in my bedroom next to my favorite chair. Some #monstera, #stringofturtles, & most definitely some #philodendron for my #philofanatics!
#northtexasgreggang lemme know if you see anything you want to swap on Sunday! Yeah, I'm gonna be there!
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Nice! Love dem jungle vibes!😍
@jaysjungle YOU’RE COMING??? OMG
@jaysjungle? πŸ₯΄ I could identify some but not all the plants you have! But I definitely wanna swap with you!
@ShinyBudew trying to get some pictures posted to show what I've got! Check tiktok & IG too and LMK what catches your eye!
@jaysjungle your tik tok really helped!!! Did I see a silver sword philo though in that tik tok?? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ and what was that velvety looking one???
@jaysjungle also the props I have to offer are a sayuri snake plant and a lucky zz!! Both are water props with some njoy pothos :)
@ShinyBudew I just learned about Lucky ZZ!
@jaysjungle yours if you want it!!!! It’s super cute 😍
@jaysjungle btw this is what they look like :)
@ShinyBudew cool! I've got a friends ZZ prop rig I want to try!
@ShinyBudew Yep! Just got 2 rooted cuttings up on a pole! About to post a bunch of pics on IG! Just about anything is for sell/swap on Sunday #northtexasgreggang
@jaysjungle I’m super interested in the silver sword for sure 😍 if that’s up for grabs I’ll happily trade my lucky zz!!
@ShinyBudew not quite yet... want to get some growth so I can take cuttings before letting it go! Unless you ncan convince me to separate the plants?! πŸ˜†
@jaysjungle 1) you get pothos njoy with the zz so extra plant 🀣 2) I mean would some πŸ’΅ work? πŸ‘€
@ShinyBudew I got you! You want it bare root wrapped in moss (out of my potting mix RN)?
@jaysjungle I’m assuming they don’t have roots to be potted yet right? Or what’s the status of the cuttings? :O what would be ideal for them?
@shineybudew DM me on IG/Tiktok or email with your # and I'll text you
Sorry I missed this yesterday….it was a lonnnnggg day at work. But I’m looking πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
I’m loving the Florida green and also the string of turtles. But I’ve heard a string of anything is difficult! Is that a lemon-lime heartleaf philo below the Florida Green?
@TJphilobsessed the Florida Green is on of my favorites right now! And yeah, lemon lime heartleaf. Also have neon pothos that has a tiny dark green freckle. Gonna try and push some variegation!

You gonna be in Ft Worth on Sunday?
@jaysjungle yes!!