Posted 1w ago by @OKIEgrnthmb

@sarahsalith look what came today!!! The colors are beautiful!!😍😍
Nice!! πŸ’š Did you order from Etsy and they sent the wrong plant and re-ordered what you originally ordered?
@AwesomePlants I found another etsy store to order from...different from the first one!!
AHHH!! Look at that!! You're gonna LOVE IT!
@sarahsalith Sarah it is already one of my faves!!!
@sarahsalith I am now gonna need to add more hanging areas for plants!!!πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
@OKIEgrnthmb awesome! I couldn't remember if it was you that had the issue with the wrong plant. So happy that you finally received the correct plant!! Waiting on plant mail is the worst!
@AwesomePlants yes I agree!!

I'm glad we have Plant Proper!!
TOMORROW IS THE SALE!! 😁 @AwesomePlants
@sarahsalith the two new Philos has me excited!!
@sarahsalith @AwesomePlants have they posted the new arrivals online already??
@jcPlantProper was teasing some plants earlier and and said there's FIVE new plants!

I hope PlantProper knows what a great job she does for them!

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