Posted 4w ago by @Sleepysunday

Over a week ago I got these 2. I thk their prices hav really fell in recent times. The soil was a bit too wet for my liking. Its been 8days and still moist even in this heat. Gonna add perlite and husk soon before the next watering. #syngoniumsunday #syngoniumpinksplash #syngoniumconfetti #newplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Sounds like a great plan!! Gorgeous plants :)
Stunning plants, good luck with them!
Thanks πŸ™‚ @angelatwong @BeckysBabies
@Sleepysunday yeah a heating pad should help it. They are stunning 🀩 plants.
Thanks Kristy @KikiGoldblatt I now have 4 syngoniums and they are all so diff

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