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#Sentimental I just wanted to say a big “Thank You!” to everyone here on this app and in this community. It’s strange, working from home, going to grad school, and having children. We recently moved here and I left a lot behind. I quit a job and found another and realized quickly I didn’t have many friends. My children love to talk but I don’t get much adult convo! Working from home can be hard, and add on mental health issues….if I don’t keep busy all I can think about is doom and gloom half the dang time. Racing thoughts often encompass everything for me. It's interesting, because owning plants takes my mind off those racing thoughts. I'm not sure why they work, but they help me to navigate my emotions. I love this community! I love my plants. I love where I'm at in life. I am thankful for everyday, and all of you. I know you based off your oasises (is that a word?) and yet I feel like I have a million friends. So thank you...thank you for accepting me and my crazy plants and my crazy ideas and my crazy everything. ♥️ #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #PlantCorner
Thank you for being a part of this community! I too lack in the real life friendship field 😂

This community has made the hard days, go by more smoothly. Y'all's positive vibes do make this place different from the rest!

@melodey rock on ♥️😍👍🏼😀
Awwww! Thanks for being part of #greggang
This honestly is a great group. I find myself here more than anywhere else. My friends have noticed I'm missing from social media, I just haven't found a way to tell them im hanging out here 🤣🤣🤣
Honestly it's less traumatizing than the stuff I see there! And y'all are so sweet and helpful. So I just chill here when I can pop on! 💚🌱
Oh and I get to stalk plants I can't buy 🤣🤣
You’re so Sweet Molly! Glad you are here to Play with us! Plants are Good for your Soul 💖🪴💖🪴💖🪴
Thank you for being part of us. I know the feeling of moving and leaving thing behind. Plants talk in their own way.. Rock on my Friend
I agree with you Molly, I honestly would be without as many plants and certainly without much interaction with people. I look forward to seeing everyone's posts and thankful for the kind, caring people here on Greg. Daily dealing with those thoughts, I have to keep busy and all these plants do help my mental health. I understand moving and leaving a lot behind, it's so hard, been through that too many times!
I just love this community, accepting this crazy old woman and the feeling that I do have friends here 🥰😍❤️🌱🌿💛
Aw. Totally understand some of this! So glad you’re happy with the way things are going now

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