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OK time for some updates on the great re-pot. My first objective was the Aloes. ´┐╝´┐╝´┐╝That was the easy job it took roughly 30 minutes, then I was finished´┐╝. After those I repotted the small sickly succulent I got on vacation´┐╝. Then the BIG job;the one I dreaded the most´┐╝. I spent SO long just detangling roots from the mama plant´┐╝. It hadn't seem like this plant had been repotted ever! While transplanting the mama plant, which I chose the plant first, I found white flies you know Those flies´┐╝. I hastily ran inside concocted homemade neem oil at the sink then ran back outside and sprayed every single plant´┐╝ individually. After I sprayed every plant I waited a couple minutes just to see if I saw any movement on the snake plant again.´┐╝ Nothing, so I moved on´┐╝. and now we're here I took a break, transplanted´┐╝ some small cuttings that I found. And made this post. I am so tired!!! Here's my progress! PS; it's still 106 outside ­čśş
I'm exhausted just looking at this!

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